ICRP of Cross-Fault Measurement for Earthquake Prediction


The earthquake is a common disaster for mankind. Meanwhile, earthquake prediction is a common scientific problem for people all over the world. Over the years, earthquakes have caused huge loss of life and property in the United States, China, Japan, Nepal, Peru, Mexico, Iran and other countries. the international earthquake prediction dilemma is the lack of precursory indicators that meet the sufficient and necessary conditions of earthquake occurrence, which may be the fundamental reason for the failure of earthquake prediction. Therefore, based on the latest progress and existing problems of earthquake monitoring research in the world, it is urgent to carry out a major scientific exploration of “cross-fault measurement and earthquake risk assessment for earthquake prediction” worldwide. In view of this, the International Correlation Research Program (ICRP) of “Cross-Fault Measurement for Earthquake Prediction” was established, which was put forward by scientists from China, jointly initiated by China, the United States, Japan, Nepal, Indonesia and other countries, and organized by the International Consortium on Geo-disaster Reduction (ICGdR).


Overall objective

Through the “Cross-fault Measurement for Earthquake Prediction”, ICRP organizes global scientists interdisciplinary research team of international cooperation, and abide by measuring content, measuring equipment, measuring method and measuring standard of “four unification principle”, in the seismically active build measuring stations across the fault on the earthquake fault zone. Through data sharing and contrast research in several areas of the world, ICRP will be conducted to reveal the damage of plate motion laws of science, the short-term and impending prediction earthquake, to improve the methods and technical level of international earthquake prediction, and to lay a foundation for solving the world scientific problem of short impending earthquake prediction.