Statues of ICGdR
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International Consortium on Geo-disaster Reduction

 A non-profit-making Organization
(Corporate registration number: 2800-05-006911 (Japan))

(The original version was approved in Beijing, China, 5 May 2013)
(Modification was approved in Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyz Republic, 20 August 2019)



  1. ICGdR: The International Consortium on Geo-disaster Reduction, hereinafter referred as ‘ICGdR’ is an international non-governmental and non-profit-making scientific organization.



  1. In order to contribute to a safe and secured social and natural environment, the principal objectives of ICGdR are to:

(a) Promote geo-disaster reduction for the benefit of human society and the natural environment.

(b) Develop capacity in geo-disaster reduction and to develop, promote and undertake associated educational activities.

(c) Combine international expertise and coordinate efforts in geo-disaster reduction, thereby resulting in an effective international organization that will act as a partner in various projects.

(d) Conduct regional and global, multi- disciplinary activities on geo-disaster reduction including, but not limited to, taking a leading and coordinating role in field and other research activities in the immediate aftermath of large and otherwise significant disasters.

To achieve the objectives of the Consortium, the legal corporation undertakes the following specified non-profit activities:

i. Promoting international research on geo-disasters for the benefit of society and the natural environment.

ii. Capacity development and education and publicity related to geo-disasters reduction.

iii. Editing and publication of an academic journal and other forms of publication and dissemination activities related to geo-disasters.

iv. Planning and operation of international meetings, including symposiums and field trips, lectures, short courses, and training courses.

v. Coordination and cooperation with related international organizations.

vi. Other necessary activities to achieve the objective of the consortium.



  1. The ICGdR was established in 2013 as a result of activities, over a ten-year period, of the core members through annual symposia on the mitigation of geo-disasters in Asia. The domicile of the ICGdR is Matsue City, Japan, where the Secretariat is located. The official language of the consortium is English.



  1. Board Member Organizations, hereinafter referred as ‘BMO’, of the Consortium are those organizations that support the objectives of the ICGdR intellectually, practically and financially. BMOs are invited from one of four categories:

(a) Intergovernmental organizations;

(b) Non-governmental organizations;

(c) Governmental organizations and public organizations;

(d) Other organizations and entities.

  1. BMOs have the right to attend meetings of the Council Board, participate and vote at the General Board of Members, and organize annual symposia and training courses of the consortium.



  1. Individual Members, hereinafter referred as ‘IM’, of the consortium are drawn from those individuals who work as experts in fields relevant to the Objectives of the Consortium. IMs have the right to participate and vote in the General Board of Members.



  1. The Consortium has developed a strategic alliance with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the UNESCO-Chair Programme on Geoenvironmental Disaster Reduction has been established at Shimane University. Representatives from UNESCO are entitled to attend meetings of the Council Board and the General Board of Members as Advisers, and to offer suggestions and advice to the management of the ICGdR.



  1. Supporters are organizations and individuals who support the objectives of ICGdR and provide funds for activities without being Members of the Consortium. Supporters will receive information, news and reports on ICGdR. They are entitled to attend meetings of the Council Board and the General Board of Members as observers.



  1. The General Board of Members, hereinafter referred as ‘GBM’, shall be composed of representatives from BMOs and of IMs. Each BMO shall designate one representative to the GBM.
  2. Full power for the management of the consortium is vested in the GBM, which will meet at least annually. The quorum and internal regulations are defined herein.
  3. In the absence of a BMO’s representative or IM from any meeting of the GBM, an alternative representative may attend the meeting and execute all the rights, powers and privileges of the absent representative or IM. Alternatively, the BMO’s representative may delegate their rights, powers and privileges to another Member of the ICGdR for that particular meeting, or authorize them to act and vote on his/her behalf. Such alternative or delegation shall be advised, in writing (preferably by email), to the Secretariat at least one week before the scheduled date of the meeting of the GBM.
  4. The GBM shall:

(a) Determine general policy.

(b) Decide future priorities for the activities of ICGdR.

(c) Approve or change, if necessary, the budget and accounts.

(d) Nominate, and accept or reject Advisers.

(e) Accept or reject the advice of Advisers.

(f) Examine and decide on each application submitted for Member or Supporter status.

(g) Elect the Officers of the ICGdR in accordance with the Statutes.

(h) Terminate the status of any Member or Supporter of ICGdR that has failed to fulfill any of its obligations or when the Member or Supporter is no longer considered appropriate, in accordance with the Statutes and/or Bylaws.

(i) Consider and make changes to the Statutes and Bylaws as necessary.

(j) Deal with other items that may be referred to it by the Council Board for consideration and/or decision.

  1. Voting decisions will be decided on a simple majority of the attending Members, except as provided for under Article 26. A minimum of one-half of all BMOs of the Consortium shall be represented at a meeting for it to be considered quorate. Each Member shall have one vote. When the votes are equally divided, the Chairperson shall cast the deciding vote.



  1. The Council Board shall comprise:

(a) A President, Vice-Presidents, Director-General, Financial Director, Management Directors and the Immediate Past-President;

(b) Committee Chairpersons;

(c) BMO Representatives;

(d) Honorary Fellows; and

  1. The Council Board, which shall duly reflect the international character of the consortium, reports to the GBM. It oversees the operations of the ICGdR and recommends the direction and priorities of the ICGdR to the GBM.
  2. The Council Board shall meet as often as necessary and at least annually. Its duties are to:

(a) Prepare the agenda for the meetings of the GBM.

(b) Present to each annual meeting of the GBM a report of the administrative activities of the ICGdR since the previous GBM meeting.

(c) Propose a draft budgetary outline for consideration by the meeting of the GBM and recommend the amount of annual Membership fees to be paid by Members and Supporters for the ensuing two-year period.

(d) Review the activities of the ICGdR and make appropriate recommendations to the meeting of the GBM.



  1. The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the ICGdR. It consists of the Director-General, the Financial Director and other secretarial members. The number of secretarial members may vary and will depend on the extent of the activities of the ICGdR.
  2. The Secretariat prepares for and reports to the meetings of the Council Board and GBM including:

(a) preparation of an annual work plan for the administrative activities of the ICGdR;

(b) preparation of an annual budget and financial report for the ICGdR;

(c) preparation of an annual report of the administrative activities of the ICGdR; and

(d) dissemination of information.



  1. Symposia and training courses shall be organized annually by BMOs, in order to present the scientific and technological progresses achieved through the ICGdR activities, as well as to train young scientists and engineers as part capacity building activities.



  1. The Officers of the ICGdR shall consist of the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Director-General, the Management Directors, the Financial Director and the Immediate Past President. They shall meet and communicate as often as is deemed necessary.

(a)The President of the ICGdR shall chair all meetings of the GBM and the Council Board, and shall perform other duties and execute other powers as shall be assigned by the GBM.

(b) The Vice-Presidents shall assist the President and in his/her absence preside meetings and execute the powers of the President in his/her place.

(c) The Director-General, except as otherwise provided by the GBM, shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the consortium and executes contracts and agreements with external parties on behalf of the ICGdR. Upon the approval of the GBM, the Director-General, may appoint secretaries, working groups or committees to assist in carrying out the tasks of the consortium.

(d) The Management Directors shall assist the Director-General in the management of the consortium.

(e) The Financial Director, in accordance with the financial regulations to be developed and approved by the GBM, and set out in the Bylaws, shall collect, receive and have charge and custody of the funds and securities of the consortium. The accounts of the consortium shall be updated at the end of each financial year and submitted by the Financial Director to the GBM after having been audited by two authorized auditors appointed by the GBM.

(f) The President shall be elected by the GBM, in accordance with the Bylaws, and hold office for a term of three years, beginning from April 1st of the year following the GBM meeting at which he or she has been elected. The President may be re-elected but may not hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms. The Vice-Presidents and the Director-General shall, each, be recommended by the President and approved by a majority vote of the GBM.

(g) The Management Directors and the Financial Director shall each be recommended by the Director-General and approved by a majority vote of GBM.

(h) The Vice-Presidents, Director-General, Management Directors and the Financial Director shall hold office for three calendar years beginning from April 1st of the year following the meeting of the GBM at which they have been approved.



  1. The funds of ICGdR are obtained from:

(a) Membership fees from BMOs and IMs;

(b) funds from Supporters;

(c) other subventions, donations and financial support; and

(d) funds for research and investigation projects on geo-disaster reduction which are requested by third parties and accepted by ICGdR.

  1. The annual financial report should be announced in the official website of the consortium.



  1. Annual Membership fees for Members and Supporters are decided by the GBM and are detailed in the Bylaws.



  1. Notification of termination of Membership must be given to the financial director at least one year in advance.



  1. Changes to the Statutes are required to be approved by a quorum of the GBM with a minimum of two-thirds majority of the votes cast.
  2. Changes in the Bylaws are required to be approved by a quorum of the GBM under the regular voting system as set-out in Article 13.



  1. Honorary Fellows of the ICGdR may be proposed and elected by the GBM.
  2. Those proposed shall have:

(a) given extensive and exemplary service to the ICGdR, and/or

(b) given extensive and exemplary service to the ICGdR General Board of Members, and/or

(c) demonstrated world class capability in the field of Geo-disaster Reduction.

  1. Election of Honorary Fellows shall be in accordance with the normal voting procedures of the GBM.
  2. Honorary Fellows are entitled to attend meetings of the Council Board and the General Board of Members without voting right. They have the right to make comments and suggestions to the management of the ICGdR.



  1. The logo, presented in Figure 1, represents the scope and objective of the consortium. Landslide, volcanic eruption and tsunami are represented by three symbolic curves on the top of the “ICGdR” text. Earthquake is represented by the wave line under the text with red background representing a magma chamber, while the brown background represents the geo-material in general. The bold and solid text represents the firm cooperation of the consortium. The usage of small (lower-case) “d” shows the commitment of reducing disaster as its purpose.

International Consortium on Geo-disaster Reduction

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