The ICGdR structure is illustrated in Figure 1. Members of the ICGdR are those organizations and individuals who support the objectives of the ICGdR intellectually, practically and financially. Members will be invited from one of four categories:

    1.Intergovernmental organizations;
    2.Non-governmental organizations;
    3.Governmental organizations and public organizations;
    4.Other organizations and entities.

Each member designates one representative to the Board of Representatives, which has full power for all decision of the consortium.


The structure of the ICGdR


Official Logo

The official logo of the International Consortium on Geo-disaster Reduction (ICGdR)

The logo represents the scope and objective of the consortium. Landslide, volcanic eruption and tsunami are represented by three symbolic curves on the top of the “ICGdR” text. Earthquake is represented by the wave line under the text with red background representing a magma chamber, while the brown background represents the geo-material in general. The bold and solid text represents the firm cooperation of the consortium and the usage of small “d” shows the commitment of reducing disaster as its purpose.